Second card - same 16 digit number?

Apologies if the question has already been asked.

I’m thinking of ordering a second physical card for my husband to use when we’re apart and as an emergency card if the existing one is lost.

Can you confirm that a new card will have it’s own 16 digit number, i.e. be a separate, distinct card from the existing one. I understand that they link to the same account and have the same account holder name.

The scenario I envisage is if the original is lost and I have to cancel it the second card will still be operational.


Yep that’s fine.

Additional debit cards are normally used by Revolut customers as a backup, or for travelling (e.g. Keeping your original one at home, and using the new one abroad.).


The new card will have its own debit card number, its own CVC (3 digit number used for online transactions.). Pin should be the same but I think it can be changed at an ATM machine (Upon which, I assume the new card and the old card will have their own pins.).

At the same time, as you’ve correctly said, the new debit card will draw upon the cash reserves from each currency account (or conversion via the base currency, if you are not holding the currency you are spending in.).

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Brilliant, many thanks for the swift reply, I’ll go ahead and order the second one.

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No worries.

Have a look at the security options as well when the card arrives, and make sure to switch off location-based security (If he’s travelling or/and in a different location.).

I personally also switch off magstripe as well (since contactless is fantastic, and chip-and-pin is a decent back-up solution.), but certain countries (Think the US has finally switched from magstripe to chip-and-pin.) may prefer/only have magstripe, so might need to switch on magstripe support.

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