Second card for relative in Bosnia & Herzegovina



I’m new to Revolut and still trying to wrap my head around how it all works.

I live in the UK and my mother lives in Bosnia (Sarajevo).

Could I order a second card to give to my mum and then she could use it periodically at ATMs there to withdraw money (that I would top up here from my UK account)?

I understand Bosnia isn’t “supported” by Revolut, but I’m not sure exactly what it means, ie. does it only mean people living in Bosnia can’t open a Revolut account, but for example, with my UK Revolut account, I could travel there and use my card there for payments and cash withdrawals from ATMs (and presumably a second card too would work), at a favourable exchange rate and with no extra fees?


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Countries supported to have a Revolut account:

Currencies supported for spending:

I can’t see BAM on short excluded list, so it should work :slight_smile:



Be careful with this, sharing things like the card PIN with 3rd persons might violate the T&Cs. Make sure to double check if you’re comfortable with this.



I don’t think there is any problem. When you receive the new card, deactivate the location-based security and she’ll be able to use it.


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