Search, spending by card, combine it!

Hi there. The new search feature is great and how flexible it is. It can search categories, transaction text, notes, amount …

And people have mentioned repeatedly that they’re looking for a way to filter transactions by card.

Why not combine it! Cards can be renamed, they can have an individual nickname. Why not make this name searchable as well, like a category tag.


Is it possible to search through previous customer service help conversations ?


This would be fantastic for dealing with expenses on different cards please make this possible! :pray:


That feature would be amazing, especially since you can have so many cards, which opens up so many nice features, but you cannot search for “hey, where / how did i use this card? where is this card registered?” .

So maybe at the card screen simply add a menu item “Show transactions”, just like “Freeze”, “Limit”, etc.?

Frank’s idea with making it selectable / available as a tag in the search box is also pretty handy, especially for deleted, lost, disposable cards. However, even the search box is very hard to find, it’s pretty hidden.


This is a great Idea!

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Yes, please implement - would be so helpful

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