Scheduled Transfers from Vaults?

Just an idea, I like seeing my Account balance and know that is how much I have left to spend.

I use the Vaults to move money out of my account (so its not for spending!) for rent and bills and then have to remember to move it back again before the scheduled transfer takes place and in most cases I forget and the transfers fails…

It would be great to be able to define where the scheduled transfer takes the money from, so for example for the rent, take it from the ‘Rent Vault’ etc


That’s a great idea, I haven’t even though of that use case for the vaults

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Great idea but the only reason I think this would be an issue is that Vaults are considered as your personal safe that Revolut “does not have access to” .

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It’s a wonderful idea, I want this too! Manually transferring some money every 2 weeks is sooo annoying

Love this idea. I thought that’s what “Pockets” were created for as this allows Subscriptions and Scheduled Transfers to be taken directly from them BUT…I cannot get Direct Debits to be taken directly from them so have the same problem you describe.

I really think pockets are the right solution for this, not vaults. Pockets are currently too limited to use for all payments. I really hope they expand on pockets to just mark certain “merchants” to always take from a pocket, regardless of whether Revolut understands that a payment is recurring. This way direct debits should work with pockets as well!