scheduled exchange on specific date

Is it possible to configure Revolut so that on each of the 3rd (fx) of the month it automatically exchange an amount of one currency to another?
And furthermore is it possibly to specify the amount based on the secondary currency?

FX. I need to transfer 200$ each of the 3rd and my primary currency is £. Is Revolut able to exchange 200$ automatically regarding the exchange rate $-£?


I’m not actually sure on this one but it would actually give me a very good reason to use Revolut :slight_smile:

This sounds like a standing order, albeit an internal one between your own accounts. Even if Revolut supported standing orders, beware that whenever your chosen day in the month falls on a weekend, then the transaction would be subject to a 0.5% surcharge - unless of course there is a flag to postpone weekend transactions until the next business day.