Scheduled bank transfers

Not a creative idea, but an everyday necessity when paying bills:
scheduled bank transfers where you define the future execution date of a transfer (similarly to recurring payments). For me this is the missing puzzle piece to make revolut the complete replacement of my current bank account.
Use case: bills come in, you process a bundle for payment, but payment individually only on the dates they actually become due. In Germany called Terminüberweisung, in the UK part of all mobile banking apps I am aware of (“When?” do you want to make a one-off payment). Many thanks


I miss this option too.
Would be great, when we could set up the date, when a transfer starts.

I really need this, too. I often have bills that have to be paid in 4 weeks. This way, I could schedule the payment when I get the bill while paying it on the actual due date.

I miss ist too, is there any feedback from Revolut team?
This is a standard feature

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I’d like to bump this feature request :slight_smile:

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It would be super cool to have recurrent transfers for business accounts!