Schedule money request and shared bills in Revolut groups and contacts


I share a lot of recurrent bills with my flatmates and friends. I need a way to schedule all that stuff thru groups and contacts in Revolut. In fact, I convinced several people to join Revolut because of the ease of use to share expenses. But this feature is missing and is very importante.


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Vaults - group vault. You add the payments and people you want in the group and they all pay their share.

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The vault is for collecting money outside your main account. Is a different thing. I need to split the bills that I already paid but in an automatic way. Because the bills are always the same amount. For example the internet bill or rent etc. And I need this money to go directly to my main account.

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Sadly no automatic way but good idea. There’s no way to predict these though.

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Welcome back to our community @Mrl0 :wave: .

I understand you are looking for the automated bill split options as the amount is same. Unfortunately, we don’t have the automated option right now.:frowning_face: But you can check our “Group Bill” option which will help you to split the bill with your friends. :hammer_and_wrench:

Along with that, you can check our scheduling payment feature here. Hope this helps. :pray:

SG | Community Team

I’d like to share my experience with Groups (I am doing it here because I couldn’t find a better place).

First, I was very happy when I found this functionality and I also used the argument to bring my partner to Revolut instead fo tracking expenses with the Tricount app (which is a fantastic app, btw!).

The user story is as follows:
My Partner and I go on trips and long weekends often (we are 30 something with no kids, with possibilities of working remotely). So, for our trips we’ve created a group were we share what we’ve payed individually with our separate accounts.

The app allows us to split the bills either equally, or by amount (which is great cause Tricount already allowed it, so we’re used to this), BUT there are things that we consider important to track, but Revolut doesn’t have yet:

  • How much did we spend in total (both of us for the whole trip)
  • Keep a record -it can be Archived - of our trips (even if the accounts had been settled and the group has been “closed”) to have a documentation on how much did we spent last year in our Italy’s trip vs this year’s trip.

I didn’t use vaults nor pockets because I don’t think they’re the thing to use for this specific case. We’ve just recently created a Joint account for housing expenses and couple things (excluding vacations).
But, I wouldn’t say that a joint account for a roommate situation is a good idea? (At least, in France that Joint account has to be declared for taxes, so it can be too much effort for a group that are not “traditionally sharing their revenue”. (?)

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Welcome to our community @Luni. :wave:

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.:hugs: We always try to streamline our product, so stay tuned. :rocket:

SG | Community Team