Scan dont work for Credit card


Hello i have problem when I try to scan the Credit card for verify the identity dont work…someone can help me?


I have the same problem, I have to add cards manually.


How can I add manually?
Support dont answer…


There is keyboard icon in the upper right corner





This is for add a card…
The issues appear when i try to scan my physical Credit card for VERIFY THE IDENTITY


Hi, I have the same problem with my debit card where digits are engraved. With credit cards works well where digits are embossed. However, this bug does not let me to Verify Debit card.


So? I have lost my money? Support dont answer how can I resolve :frowning:


I had this problem a week ago, the problem is that with some cards the app is not able to distinct the font and the numbers.
I found a little trick, you can take a picture of your card, then edit the picture with the software you want (Paint is enough for this task) and re-write with a “black pen” the numbers, name and expire date. Then you put in full screen this image on your computer and now try to scan your computer screen, it will work !!


I need to modify with White Pen because the numbers are in White I have master card
I’ll try and write if work
Thanks :slight_smile:


I have the same problem.
When adding the card, I can input the information manually. But when verifying there is no option to add manually, only scan, which does not work with this specific card.
Please provide the option to input manually when verifying.


Not when verifying…


Disable camera access in settings and you will be able to enter card manually


Method with paint dont work… How can I disabile setting camera? On the app or Android?


disabling camara access worked for me !


Have had the same issue, the numbers on my card are embossed and that’s why they wouldn’t get scanned. Talked to support and they’ve verified it for me


I can’t verify either. My numbers are simply written in white. I’ll try the paint method to see if it works.