Scam or Revolut new product???

Came across on Facebook…

What you think? :thinking:

Scam. “Verified” accounts can’t be sold. How should that work?

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How could that NOT be scam?!


Weird, they got FB page aswell​:thinking::sweat_smile:
If a scam then should be reported…

There’s an easy way to find out if it’s scam (it is) and report it at the same time: send those links to the support chat.

Will speak to :r:
Can’t do it now cause it’s offline due to no wi-fi…

Someone need to report it, to take the site down

For the future: ALWAYS be sceptic with brands without the check!


Been with :r: for good few years now, so wouldn’t fall for this :ok_hand:
Got it reported on support chat, will see if that page disappears :rofl:

Looks like a scam by criminals for would be criminals.

The pictures you shared looks shady and highly likely a scam.

The site has being taken down
So it was a scam

Fraudulent page blocked for your protection

Fraudulent pages usually attempt to trick you into sending money with the intent of obtaining unlawful gain.

It’s the other way around.

It was a scam
So the site has been taken down


Yes correct
Was a wrong way to say it

If something is too good to be true, is probely a scam

The page still exists on Facebook…

@Ares Perhaps we can do our part by reporting the page on Facebook. I trust Facebook will take action on the page once it has receive enough reports.

Hey @Roy1987

I have reported twice already with month inbetween.
Nothing been done unfortunately :sweat_smile:

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I reported the page back 27 marts
And it still online