Scam and now frozen card


Hi, I’ve been scammed on a fake online shop. My payment is still pending, in the meanwhile I’ve frozen my card. Is it safe to defreeze it to spend the money that’s still in there?
Should I get a new card? Will I still have the money if I get a new card?


Did you provide your card details straight to them or to a third party payment processor?


Directly to them, I’ve been so very wise. :weary:


I wouldn’t risk it. I would destroy this card and order a new one.


Depending on how “fake” this shop really is, I’d disable that card and order a new one.


Do not risk unfreezing your card. Next time when you are not familiar with the shop just create a new virtual card and add that card for that transaction. In that way you won’t need to freeze your “main” physical card.


Thank you all. I will definitely do that.
do you think I will keep the money on this account also with the new card?


It’s not on the card but the account. So burn the corrupt card.

I use my disposable MCs if I am not sure about the shop but this is a Premium feature.