Scam and now frozen card

Hi, I’ve been scammed on a fake online shop. My payment is still pending, in the meanwhile I’ve frozen my card. Is it safe to defreeze it to spend the money that’s still in there?
Should I get a new card? Will I still have the money if I get a new card?

Did you provide your card details straight to them or to a third party payment processor?

Directly to them, I’ve been so very wise. :weary:

I wouldn’t risk it. I would destroy this card and order a new one.

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Depending on how “fake” this shop really is, I’d disable that card and order a new one.

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Do not risk unfreezing your card. Next time when you are not familiar with the shop just create a new virtual card and add that card for that transaction. In that way you won’t need to freeze your “main” physical card.

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Thank you all. I will definitely do that.
do you think I will keep the money on this account also with the new card?

It’s not on the card but the account. So burn the corrupt card.

I use my disposable MCs if I am not sure about the shop but this is a Premium feature.

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I’ve had a similar issue using my Revolut Card details for a suspicious dealer. My account got immediately frozen once they tried to take out 50EUR (though they were saying they will not take).

Are you saying it is safer to delete the card and order a new one?

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Maybe I would.
I even eliminated cards when the duty free in Addis wrote down info in their software. I don’t know details of your very case so I cannot tell what’s best.

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If you think your card was compromised, I would delete it. It might be worth talking to support for a free replacement card.

I’ve encountered a similar problem actually and still pending Customer Support… could a moderator on this community forum please help out? Thanks in advance

My phone number can be provided, and full name, ID details. Please pm me, moderator. Thank you in advance! I have not heard back from the Support Team in 48 hours, and am starting to wonder if I should call their customer service number in the UK up?