SBB - Switzerland online payment not possible

Hello all.

In Switzerland is with Revolut Card online ticket payment by SBB not possible.

Have you informed in-app support about this?

No I dont…

It would be nice to tell them :slight_smile:
BTW. is there any error message?

the error message was: Payment not authorized… days ago was the message. problem with CTU or something, take contact with credit card issuer. I made the payment then with Swiss Credit card. BTW: It seems the support is to busy

@anon33247966 I don’t know if it is a bug or the feature… :wink: Could you address it to proper team?

Hey @trapex :slight_smile:

Seems (from a quick google search) that SBB’s card processor requires 3DSecure to be enabled on cards, and that’s not yet supported by :r:'s cards just yet :frowning:


that could be the reason…thx

Hello, I’m new in this forum. I’ve just done my new Revolut card, and my first purchase was going to be some train tickets with SBB - Switzereland, but I’ve got the same problem, my card is rejected. Is this solved or still not able to pay with Revolut cards?
Thank you.

@trapex @Juliopp

Hola @Pablix :slight_smile:

As far as I know, you’re still required to have a 3dsecure-enabled card to make purchases at SBB’s webpage :frowning:


Oh ok, thanks so much for your quick answer @Juliopp. So I will need to do with my normal cards, right? Cheers!

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Hey @Pablix :slight_smile:

As long as :r: doesn’t support 3dsecure or SBB doesn’t support non-3dsecure cards, I’m afraid you’re right :wink:

You can also check for alternative providers/gateways (goeuro, lastminute, so on) that might work with non-3dsecure cards :sunny:


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Alternatively you can use your Revolut card (tested with Revolut Visa) in the SBB app and this works well.


Thank you guys! @Juliopp @Karol. Very helpful information! I will try it!
Cheers :wink:

I’ve tried on goeuro, but it redirects your purchase to SBB website, but it worked perfectly with SBB app. Thank you so much guys, really appreciate it! :slight_smile:
@Juliopp @Karol

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Works using App or using ApplePay