‘Savings’ vaults


Hello everyone!
Two ideas to improve the Vaults feature by making it a bit more like savings accounts.

First idea:
Creating vaults without any goal, so you can just put as much as you want inside.

Second idea:
Adding the vaults list in ‘Send money’, to add funds more easily.

Any thoughts?



You can do a Vault with a goal of 999.999.999 as the goal, should suffice.

That is great idea. Love it <3


Sure, but open end vaults are still a good idea, because the user interface would be adopted accordingly. It’s more about the user experience than the possibility. Sometimes a user wants to see that he has saved a lot in comparison to 50 percent of a certain goal.


Yeah, the ability to create vaults without setting a goal would be nice.
Not just for savings (because Revolut will launch a dedicated service for that with interest, etc.) but also just to keep funds separate that aren’t supposed to be touched for certain reasons.

In my case my dad who lives abroad sent me some money to give to family members for their birthdays. I’m sure there are many other use cases for this.


As a workaround you can just se an unrealistically high goal for the Vault.


Overspending is also possible.


Third idea, hide rounded up vault ‘transactions’ from account activity- it is just clutter. If this is not possible, I’ll think I’ll turn vaults off