Saving account


Can you make an option of saving that part of the money goes in a separate account and you can’t take it out until a certain time which is set up by the customer


@Mikeneuf8 that’d be great we agree :slight_smile:

Let’s see what we can do about it.


Andreas K.


Are there any updates on this topic? I would like also to have a possibility to store some money on a sub-account/saving-account so those won’t be used when I use my revolute card, but at the same time I would like to have full control over it so I can use them when needed.

Thank you!


How about offering interest or some other benefit for the saved money?


We’re working on some really cool international investment and savings products (Q2) that will let you do exactly what you guys are describing. Watch this space!

Would you guys put money in both investment and savings accounts?

What sort of investment opportunities are you most attracted by?


Savings account is a bit more complicated than a normal account. There is interest on a savings account; these interest rates must be taxed. That is, Revolut must also produce a certificate of interest paid (income from bank deposits) so that it can be added to the income tax declaration.

This is more work for all. If you offer a second internal account without interest, that would be the best option for all.
Then I would think about it, to save money every month.


A savings option would be great, maybe with a referral scheme like Chip, where for every person (limited to 5) you recommend you and your friend get an extra 1% interest for a year.


Any updates on this? Having a savings account would get me (and others as well I imagine) a step closer to have Revolut as my main and only account.


Hi @faberjan,

Good news ;we’re into the final testing weeks for our first Wealth product so you can put your savings to work; RevolutApp will now let you invest your money via index tracking funds into the stock market and gain exposure to companies like Tesla/Unilever/Netflix etc. You’ll be able to manage your plan entirely from the app.

Next product after that will be a really interesting savings account product which will let you get the best interest rates from banks all across Europe.


As for investment I think the UK property market is a good option but then there should be two options one just for saving itself without the money being invested anywhere and then this investment idea as optional


Will this be available before the end of 2018?


Great news, I am looking forward to that. Please keep us updated on your timeline :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work!


Any news on the savings accounts?
Particularly for German users?


Q2 of which decade?



@AndreasK could we get another update, please?
Is this still in focus?