Save reference when setting up a new payment


When sending a payment to a credit card company, you normally need to use the credit card number as the reference when making the payment.
It would great to be able to save a reference number with the payee information when setting up a new beneficiary. So that the reference number was part of the definition of the beneficiary.
This simple step would make for a more convenient experience when using an outgoing bank transfer to pay off a credit card, and also a more secure / robust process as there is less error potential by mistyping the reference number each time. I could then just have one beneficiary representing each card which needs paying off.


Yep, same for crypto exchanges (that basically means Coinbase as most of the others were blacklisted).
Forget the ref once and you’re in for a long wait with their support!

mistyping the reference number each time

you can copy the reference from a previous payment’s detail page


While copying works in worst case, saving the reference is surely the better option and standard functionality which other mobile banks offer.


Yes copying is a good workaround for now, but saving would be better.

Also if a beneficiary was defined as an account/sortcode/reference combination then it would also make things like the statistics and historical analysis more useful as you could check the historical total that you’ve paid onto a specific card or external account.