Santander Bank ATM fees in Spain


Santander Bank in Spain has started to get a fee for ATM withdrawals. Last week i got 20€ with a 5€ fee! This never happened before in the exact same ATM.

This happened way below the 200€ per month limit, of course.

They actually hide the fact stating that it was a 25€ withdrawal, but I just got the 20€ I asked for. ATM in Spain have no 5€ bills, anyway.

So, looks like banks in Spain may be starting to sabotage Revolut ATM withdrawals. Be advised.

Revolut in Spain
Selected €10, got €10, Revolut took €15
Free card con and charges in Spain?

Oh no!

Please use this link to find the closest supporting ATM:

In the setting filters you can have only the ATMs with no service fees displayed.


Here the text shown by a Santader’s ATM (Spain) when you try to withdraw money with a Revolut Card:


Update: BBVA Spain charges a fee of 1,87€ for ATM withdrawals with the Revolut card


Hey Revolut team,

Looks like mayor banks in Spain are starting to apply withdrawals fee. Spanish law don’t allow to charge any fee directly to customers using any card issued in Spain, but as Revolut card are issued in UK and Spain law don’t says anything about EU issued cards they are charging higher fees, not only to Revolut users, for all foreign users.

I don’t know if an EU member state could break EU competences laws in this way, free movement and free commerce rules are, in my opinion under violation with this regulation. Is there any organism at EU level where users can complain about this?



Good luck fighting against Spanish banks! We’ve been suffering their fees for so long… they always find a way to charge you for something, and no one stops them. They even break the Spanish law when it rules against them (see illegal mortgage fees in Spain for more info)

They just realise that Revolut is really competitive and will do anything (legal or illegal) to keep their part of the cake by applying fees to its cards or whatever. Their goal is to prevent Spanish customers from using other competitors services.


I warned them on twitter long ago.
Banco Sabadell is also charging the fee. As of now, Liberbank and Caja Duero are not.
Some Bankia ATMs do, some don’t.
I got in touch with BBVA as a concerned customer of them, and they informed me on their plans to gradually increase that fee.


Anyway, the info offered by MasterCard is pretty useless, as the NoFee checkbox doesn’t successfully reflect this fee, @larysa.stachowicz

Selected €10, got €10, Revolut took €15

Any insight on this, @larysa.stachowicz?
Dzięki! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this guys - my name is Pablo Viguera and I’m the new Country Manager for Spain - and currently based in Barcelona.

Would love to get more insights on this issue that you guys have been experiencing. So it seems that, for now, it’s only Sabadell, BBVA and Santander that are charging a fee right? Note that this fee is kept by them and as a foreign card issuer it’s out of our control (at least for now). We’ll try our best to keep the community informed about this going forward. For the time being, you can try to avoid those ATMs :slight_smile: If anyone has any other experiences similar to this one with other ATMs/banks, please keep us posted.

Also, feel free to reach out to me on pablo at revolut dot com



Hola @viguerapablo :slight_smile:

la Caixa also informed me of a fee around august. It was around the one from BBVA: 2-3€.
Never tried again though :smile:

By the way, thanks for introducing yourself, it’s nice to know :blush:



Just FYI - the only banks I have found that allows free withdrawals are:

La Caixa

The ones I know that charge based on experience are:


Hope this helps.



Cool - thanks a lot for this :slight_smile: Let’s keep 'em coming. @Juliopp - out of curiosity, where do you normally withdraw without the withdrawal fee?


Mostly Bankia, @viguerapablo. The ATMs are shiny new and they allow me to withdraw 10€ (perfect for the finances of broke students like me). They’re mostly evenly spread across Spain.
Also, Liberbank works neatly in the north.


BMN (Banco Mare Nostrum) also charges all foreign debitcards for withdrawals. :frowning:
Caixa doesn’t charge foreign cards, but they do charge national non-Caixa cards.


I hope you’re just broke and not broken, @Juliopp. :wink:

All he best,


Aren’t these charges against the EU regulations? I thought that only the card issuer could charge you.


Well, there was a discussion about this here a while ago. I asked a couple of times for a link to the actual regulation text. But I am not aware of a source here.

There are difintely a number of exceptions, like when national debit networks are involved.


There is no EU regulation against ATM withdrawal fees.

I believe its far out of the EU jurisdiction to impose laws on what banks charge their customers locally.
There might be a law that forces banks to not charge EU cards more than they charge local cards, but thats about it.