Samsung S3


is there a way to open a Revolut account with a Samsung S3 mini?

If not, what is the oldest Samsung smartphone compatible with Revolut?

It is not the manufacturer that matters, but the Android version. If you have at least 4.4 you should be fine.

There is requirement 3,5 inch of display too, apart from Android 4.4.

In other words, what would be the oldest (read cheapest smartphone) that would offer Android 4.4. The one I have has 4.,1 apparently not updatable.

There seems to be a very very unofficial build based on LineageOS for the S3 mini at

As for phone recommendations, you probably wont (and should not) get 4.4 anymore. Where are you based?

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I don’t really understand:

I live in France.

From phone’s documentation you are able to be on Android 4.1.1 (officially)
To have possibility to use Revolut you have to be at least on Android 4.4.

What exactly is it you dont understand?

In that case you might want to check out the Wiko portfolio (they are a French based manufacturer). I know you were referring to the cheapest phone, but I would still not recommend to get anything older than Android 6. Better get a somewhat recent phone second hand.

Thank you. I am going to start looking out for a second-hand device with Android 6

I assume it will probably exceed your budget but right now you could get the Samsung S7 on for EUR 361 (including shipping)ébloqué/dp/B01BYD157S/

That phone is admittedly already two years old but still features good hardware and should get an official Android 8 update soon.

I am more looking at a 100-150€ price tag. An S5 on Aliexpress should do it…

When looking on aliexpress always be mindful that every phone has multiple variations with difference frequency compatibility. Always check to see if the phone supports the frequencies your cell provider uses.

I would add if your looking in aliexpress, for 140€ or less, the LeEco Le Pro 3 is a much better buy than an S5 and the best phone on that price range

I read that a future update from Android 6 would be unlikely for this device (LeEco Le Pro 3).
I also found out that the battery is not replaceable. It is a problem on second hand devices.
Thank you for the info re. frequencies.

You also won’t get an update for the S5 for sure and the S5 doesn’t even support 4G being a much older device. The S5 will be stuck on Android 6

Also the le pro 3 is new, not used or refurbished as the S5, so no worries with the battery, which has huge capacity by the way