Samsung Pay

Looks like Curve is now supporting Samsung Pay (in the UK), so if you have Revolut as an underlying card that could be a workaround.

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Oh, also Google Pay is available in Curve (for GB BIN cards)

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I am swiss based. My bank doesn’t support samsung pay (like most of the banks here, they have their own apps) and I’d love to use my 3yo samsung watch to pay with, yet Revolut dosen’t support it either. Why is it that hard to collaborate with Samsung as they already do with Apple? I hope this changes soon


BTW, you can use Curve card with Samsung Pay, so you just need to add your Revolut card to Curve :slight_smile:


Only if you are from UK , it worked at first adding from other countries if you had a UK card bin but that doesn’t work anymore and the sad part is android 10 will be available from January and they will lose access

Unbelievable… So Lets just WAIT as always

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Do you have more information about that? I was unaware that Android 10 will change the situation in this regard…

The card would be required to be added agian after update and since they will no longer approve it … you’re done …

It would be cool but I prefer Google play

Having the safety net of MST is a game changer , at that’s my opinion


+1 for Samsung pay, I have a Samsung watch

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Yes, but if you have a samsung watch, you can only use Samsung Pay, not Google Pay…

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+1 for Samsung Pay. I have a Note 10 and a Samsung watch.
Samsung Pay is particularly useful with the Samsung watch (and here without alternative, unlike the Android phone that would also support google pay). It’s great to pay with just your watch at the supermarket when you are coming back from a morning run (no need to bring the phone or wallet along). My Samsung watch supports multiple credit cards but especially for overseas travel, I would really want to add my Revolut card too. I tried multiple smart watches and found the Samsung one most user friendly. The price for this is of course the proprietary OS (Tizen). But because this natively supports the watch’s bezel as primary controller (in my opinion, this works more reliable than touch screens), the interface is way more user-friendly than apple and android based watches.

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+1000000 Samsung pay smart watch

BUMP. I can’t imagine this is much harder to implement than Apple Pay

  • 1 for samsung pay support. I’m sure a lot of people would go for revolut if they knew they could use samsung pay with it. Did we have any official announcement or reaction about samsung pay ? Did anybody of the staf say something ?

Samsung users can use Google Pay?

I think the Samsung watch only works with Samsung Pay.

+1 Samsung Pay. As Samsung Pay is not supported by any banks in many countries (Ireland here) Revolut would be adding a great service to users of Samsung phones and watches. Samsung pay works in more places than Google Pay and it’s the only option for Samsung Watches. With COVID-19 making such a disruption if you can use contactless payment and not cash (It’s dirty how many people have touched it before you), it would keep everyone safer. I think it’s a great service to many users and would also show the efforts that you are going to to keep people safe. I Love your service and think Samsung Pay would make it even better and more compelling and a differentiator to attract new users.

Samsung is actually removing the magstrip capabilities in the future as NFC is widely accepted now. Suddenly Samsung Pay is just Google Pay rebranded…