Samsung Pay

+1 for use with Samsung pay on a Samsung gear watch. Simply the best smart watches. Millions of owners would be a captive market for revolut.


On what planet? :rofl::sweat_smile:

It would be perfect and help us have all our cards in one app on Samsung phones!

Hmm, Samsung Pay available in 25 countries, no country added since August 2018. Even worse than Google Pay… at least Google has managed to launch in one country in 2019. :slight_smile:

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Samsung Pay with my Galaxy S10 is compatible with standard NFC payment like with every contactless credit card. So I’m able to pay with my phone at every terminal that I can use my card with.

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Samsung Smartwatches do not support Google Pay, so it would be great that Revolut cards support Samsung Pay in order to pay with Samsung smartwatches. I suppose that a similar issue happens with Fitbit and Garmin devices which have its own payment app (Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay).


After a month I returned my Fossil with wearOS and gonna get a galaxy watch

WearOS lacks basic things and was quite laggy :pensive:

No NFC payments anymore :joy:

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Made a forum account just so I could give this a +1.

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Just saw a galaxy watch for the first time at a retail store. Watch feels AMAZING and it even has a 42mm version, which I didn’t know about. It has native e-mail, bixby(ya i know but if reminders are more reliable i would take it) and the amazingly feeling ring. I didn’t expect that. If revolut had Samsung Pay support I would buy the watch in a minute.


Samsung is killing MST support because of PSD2.

Samsung Pay - would be great to pay with Samsung watch.

Any news about compatibility with Samsung Pay? I usually pay with my smartwatch and I would like to pay with revolut…

+1 on that, please add Samsung Pay!

@SPayfanboy Nice one dude! :smiley:
Is this now supported in Samsung Pay?

+1 any news ?
Need to have my revolut with my Samsung Watch Active