Samsung Pay


+1 for Samsung Pay here.


+1000 Samsung Pay! :slight_smile: I want to able to pay with my smartwatches. Thx Revolut


You can’t use Google Pay with an Android Smartwatch?


Maybe his smartwatch is not running Android (e.g. Tizen OS)?


He should get a better smartwatch :clap:

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Samsung smarwatch are running Tizen OS, not Android :frowning:

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+1 for Samsung Pay😁.
For now I useo S9+ and S3 Frontier :wink:


Oh OK. I wasn’t aware of that. :no_mouth:


I might ditch iPhone after 8 years and move on S10+

I want Samsung Pay too!


What if you’ll ditch S10+ and move to a Huawei Mate 50? You’d ask for Huawei Pay? :thinking:

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Does Huawei Pay exist?


I hope not. Talking about even more useless products. :grin:

Oh sh*t - this can’t be real: :rofl:


China have their Alipay and WeChat.
Don’t know if they really need any other *pay…


Huawei doesn’t exists in America :slight_smile: so nope. It’s a no go.

(Plus Huawei locked the boot loader in a way I don’t like it)


I wasn’t expecting it but I’m fine with this to be honest. Huawei do well for a reason, because their products are good!

So does Europe, I have WeChat on my phone and AliPay linked to my Revolut :sweat_smile:

It does in Romania though?


Im not going to Romania. I’m living in Mexico/ Canada now (and still keeping my EU residency :joy: at least until I become permanent here).

And even getting Huawei from EU it’s a pain in case of something goes wrong and you need repairs. In Mexico might still work but US/ CA is a no go :no_good_man:.


Actually I am not fine with that. Having all those services is just making an unclear cluttered mess. I don’t need over 9000 different services for mobile payment. Nobody does.

The same goes for streaming services too. You have to subscribe to a hundred different providers to get all movies, music and shows etc.

Who ever thought this was a good idea should get a special treatment in hell. :rofl:

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Don’t miss the point, Huawei Pay is just an example.
What if you buy a Fitbit band?
A Garmin Watch?
Google Pay and Apple Pay are the only ones (at the moment, at least) Revolut should support because they work in ~100% NFC phones and, most important, Google Pay works on Samsung phones. Samsung users aren’t let alone.

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This would be very useful to support Samsung Pay since then Samaung Smart Watch uses can then use their Smart Watches for payments and since hardly any UK banks support Samsung Pay, it would give revoult an advantage over other banks when it comes to Smart Watch payments.

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Yeah. Seems the Samsung smartwatches would be (beside magstripe) the only reason.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t get a Tizen smartwatch due to its limited OS

I’d love tho the Magstripe thing from Samsung Pay :slight_smile: