Samsung Pay


Another +1 for this feature! I’d love to have Samsung Pay support.


+1 from me. Would use it for the watch.
What has Revolut to say about this?


I would love and exited to Samsung launch Samsung Pay I like to use on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price I loved this app very much.


Any news for this, I would love to link my Revolut card to my samsung pay.


I joining the Samsung Pay community and would love to see connect Samsung pay to revolut as I using it every day for now with different bank.


In my opinion, this might be a gamechanger for revolut, because it will open gates for a flow of new users from countries which are currently not supported by samsung pay like my country Poland (your second market in terms of volume) and other countries. I was able to install samsung pay at my watch (easy), but none of the local banks are supported, and with revolut card we are not restricted geographically. Revolut team go for it will give you literally thousands of new loyal (no competition on those market from other banks) clients


Dont worry. It won’t support your revolut card either because are country based BINs so it acts like polish.

Same with google pay.


Only American units do this as far as I’m aware, I’m 100% sure European units certainly don’t have this functionality though. As in, in Europe there’s no difference in Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Making Samsung Pay redundant in the EU.


Do you have any source for that?


So I’ve researched it a bit more and I can’t find anything that suggests that European Union produced units don’t have this functionality, but I can safely say I am correct in saying “it’s not a very important feature on a continent with the highest contactless via NFC”


I think that depends on the Terminal. I think that newer ones here do not have a mag-stripe reader anymore. Older ones still do (I guess they would work too). Last time I saw somebody use the mag-stripe was in Japan. :sweat_smile:


I hope Revolut won’t lose time supporting Samsung Pay. We’re talking about a service linked to a single brand (Samsung) while Google Pay is available on every Android device and Samsung phones. You may say “Apple Pay is linked to a single brand, too” but it has a huge market share (compared with Samsung Pay’s one) and iPhones can’t use Google Pay, differently from Samsung phones.
Please don’t feed payment fragmentation, otherwise sooner or later someone will call for Huawei Pay support, LG Pay support, Antani Pay support… Google Pay is just universal on Android phones.
Magnetic stripe payments are obsolete and hopefully will be deprecated soon.


Yes, I agree. :smile:


What, despite that Samsung sells more phones than Apple?


You have to be smart to reply such thing.
Samsung Pay is not compatible with every Samsung device, magnetic stripe emulation doesn’t work on some Samsung Pay compatible devices, Samsung devices still can use Google Pay (unlike Apple ones).
Apple Pay has a much bigger market share. Just see data.
Samsung is just one of Android OEMs.


and G Pay is not available on the majority of Android devices. Currently Samsung phones outsell Apple phones so if :r: is looking to the future, and not the past, with the intention of being the No.1 bank in the world then it has to support all payment systems starting with those with the best growth potential and that is not Apple.


I didn’t think I was talking with a Samsung fan.

and G Pay is not available on the majority of Android devices

Seriously… Google Pay is available on all Android phones with NFC. In other words - and this is the third time, I promise it’s the last one -, Google Pay is available on all Samsung Pay compatible devices and all other Android phones NFC capable. It’s not math, maybe it’s not even logic, I don’t know how to call it :slight_smile:

Currently Samsung phones outsell Apple phones

Maybe your team won this particular match, while losing the payments’ one (third time I say).

Assume one day you will no longer be a Samsung fan and decide to buy a Huawei phone, will you fight the same battle for Huawei Pay?


+1 Samsung pay would make Revolut perfect for me. Unfortunately in Switzerland mobile payment is a pain… almost no options…


i am a galaxy s9 user Samsung pay doesnt work even if i download apk from google play store by changing location neither by apkmirror etc…
connection error i think is due location and sim card based rather than google pay you just need to install the apk and set up supported card …i was able to set up one from German bank even though i am in Cyprus … i am waiting revolut to make google pay available to everyone i have both mastercard and visa (revolut cards) hope they gonna work soon :slight_smile:


In Germany you can also add your PayPal account to Google Pay :slight_smile: that means you don’t have to wait for Revolut to make your card compatible with GPay.