Same spot on waiting list for months

Hi, I’m a Lithuanian living in Canada. I tried registering a Revolut account and I have been on the list for months now. The number has always been 333. I tried deleting the app or registering from the beginning but it’s always the same. My friends in Lithuania didn’t experience anything like it; it was very quick for them.

Any solutions?


Revolut is available for EEU citizens/residents.Not released in Canada yet …
Have you tried to register with Lithuanian mobile number ??

At the moment we offer services to EEA residents, and you will have to sign up using a phone number and address from there.

If you signed up with Canadian details there is a waiting list, however you can bump up by inviting friends. :slight_smile:

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So it says that if I send a personal invitation to someone then you’ll bump me up the queue by 333 places. I sent my referral link to my wife, she registered too, but nothing changed. I’m still 333 in the queue and she’s around 4700. Any ideas?

Hmm! Mind getting in touch with me via direct message so that I can take a closer look?

Thank you for your reply, JessicaZ. How can I send you a direct message? I looked for this option but I don’t see it.

Hey Darius, i have given you permission to send messages now. Click on Jessica’s avatar you will see a blue button “Send Message”

Thanks for your help, henrikbjorn!

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I am having exactly the same problem, but I am with my Spanish phone number

Hi. I installed Revolut app months ago (4 or 5) and was still #6335 in the queue. I live in Canada. so today, I referred a friend and got bumped up 6334 to # 1 on the waiting list. I checked with my other friend in Canada to make sure he had completed the sign up. He told me he did but I’m still # 1.
Now as I clicked “bump me up the queue” I noticed that it says “for every friend who signs up, you will be bumped by 0 places in the queue!”.
Very frustrating, what’s that supposed to mean? Is it another way of saying Revolut is not ready for your fellows in Canada on the beta release?


Hi Jessica,

I’m in the same situation too.
I sent my referral link to 3 of my friends, one of them made me bump and the other two didn’t work at all.
I was supposed to bump 8083 places twice but I’m stuck at place 12627.
Any idea how to unblock this?

Thank you.

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I also live in Canada and I have been stuck to #1 position for 10-ish months after referring 2 friends (which does not make any sense since I know for sure that other people were #1 since then), and the app tells me I am supposed to be bumped up by 8825 places in the queue. Any advice on how to unlock this?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Is there any update on this (or ETA) ? My wife’s parents have been waiting for ages for Revlut to launch in Canada.

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I have the same issues. Keep inviting people, it shows #1 but than reverts back. I don’t get it. Really would like to get in the beta. Any ETA?

I have this problem, I am in Cayman Islands and I tried registering around January to February 2021. i was on #10 and no changes at all to date. I have a housemate who just registered 2 weeks ago and did not even go through the queue process. please advise how to get through this process or is there something that I can do to speed this up? (other than bumping friends)

I am having the same issue. #33 for months and can be bumped up 600 places. Can anyone help?

managed to be in #1 in queue by bumping/inviting friends. is there a way to follow up on this? its been more than a week since being #1.

Waitinglist does not help much if the product is not being launched.

Hello! I’ve signed up with my Canadian phone number in Spain and after deleted my account so I could sign up again in Canada however the app has put me in a waiting list and now I can’t sign with any number because with the Canadian it says I am in a waiting list and with the Spanish, the app says I already have an account with another phone number so I’m stuck. What can I do? Can someone help me?
Thank you!

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