Same shop different logo

I have noticed that in the same shops sometimes the right logo is assigned sometimes there is no logo, for example:

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Good luck getting the merchant data changed.

I’ve spent at least 3-5 hours of my life correcting merchant data. Put in one complaint and waiting for my final response for the second now, as they never happen.

Mistakes are common in this field.
Most funny one recently for me is that when I shop in one of well known department store in city, its always shows store name and word “parking”.


had the same happening at Krakow Airport. Ate something in the restaurant in the transit area and it showed as airport parking :sweat_smile:

I hate this too

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I could probably write a book about these errors… Revolut is atrociously bad with payment metadata.
Went to H&M in New York and my statement said something about a clinic for quite some time.
Also, sometimes the logo even retrospectively disappears, I bought a train ticket from SBB in Zurich and everything was fine, even had the sweet SBB logo, but then a week later or so it disappeared and never appeared again.
I also think I have like three different version of McDonald’s or PayPal logos in the app…

My current favorite is probably Netflix though, currently it’s just labelled as “Amsterdam”…

Honestly, I don’t understand what is so difficult about this. My Czech bank (Airbank) is doing a significantly better job at this and even includes the address of the store, which in my opinion is actually a very nice feature to have and in the case of Airbank it works globally.


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I think there could be a name change between the pending booking (or whatever the correct name might be - booking authorisation) and the real booking about 2 business days later.
I also see name differences between Maestro and Visa. When the name changes also the logo disappears.

For me it shows correctly Netflix with the location “Amsterdam”

So leave it move on?