Same bank account with two different currencies

Good Evening guys. I have a doubt that I need to clear as soon as possible. I’m living in the czech republic and I have 2 bank accounts with different IBAN (one in EUR and the other one in CZK) under the same card. Now my questions are: would it be possible to send CZK to Revolut choosing the IBAN in CZK? And if the answer is yes, will the amount I transferred in CZK be automatically converted into EUR by Revolut at the actual exchange rate? I want to avoid to be charged with fees by my bank, because I then would like to transfer the money to Coinbase. Thank you very much!

If you look in the Revolut app you will see, that your CZK account has a different account number then your EUR account.

I don’t have CZK activated in my app but I think it’s the non-personal pooled account. So if you want to receive CZK in Revolut then you make a transfer from your standard CZK account to the pooled Revolut account, providing the Reference number. If you want to receive EUR, then you make a transfer from your standard EUR account to your personal EUR IBAN Account from Revolut.

Zdravím, CZK kartou na Revolut nepošlete a převodem jen jako mezinárodní platbu = SWIFT. To je nemravně drahé. Bez poplatků to asi nepůjde. Ale podíveje se na a
Hello, you do not send a CZK by card to Revolut and transfer is possible only as an international payment = SWIFT. That’s immorally expensive. Without charges, it probably will not work. But she looks at and