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My apologies if my question does not match the topic. I don’t have the rights to create my own topic. Can anyone tell me how much time salary verification normally takes? I received my salary for the first time to my Revolut account, and despite many attempts to resolve the issue via in-app chat, I have only received responses with promises to review and check, but there have been no results yet after more than two weeks. This situation is very worrying for me. Thanks for any help.


Hi @S.Vik and welcome

Just to assure you that your question is perfectly placed in this topic.
Can you add whether you have been asked to provide additional information and that you have complied with all requests?
The required compliance checks can take some time to complete and there is little that can be done by the community here to hasten that process along but generally in my experience, once the checks are satisfied, progress can be made quite switfly.
As a matter of interest (in case it is relevant) which jurisdiction are you in?


I have been asked for proof of payment and I have sent my wage slip and employment agreement immediately, but as I told, it’s more than two weeks passed with no result.

That is my question, how much is that that “swiftly” could be? Weeks? 1 month?

I’m Ukrainian currently based in Romania. So, I guess it’s Romanian, if I understood your question correctly?

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It is for as long as the verification process will take, :r: will not themselves unreasonably delay the process from what I know but things may be more complicated perhaps by the fact you are Ukrainian residing in Romania.
The verification process is an art only known by the people who conduct it for obvious reasons - to frustrate any attempt at avoiding the rigours of it per se. If these secrets were generally known, inappropriate decisions could be made for which the regulator could impose sanctions which might affect other customers.
I understand your frustration of course and sympathise, but the due diligence must be concluded and there is little point in harassing the team to get a move on…
Apologies for my bluntness, but those are the incontrovertible facts.


Thank you for your responses. The verification process was completed today, and everything is fine. I was concerned because, in the case of my colleagues and friends who also use Revolut, verification never takes so much time. This has been a learning experience for me. Thanks again.


@S.Vik Hello, Welcome to the community. :sunflower:
Glad to hear it’s all sorted! Verification times can vary, but it’s great you’re now fully operational. Thank you for your understanding. :blush:

@Graham_Lees Thank you for stepping in and helping out. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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