Salary using Revolut, BEWARE!!


I am not impressed with how this service is being advertised. You say I can get my salary paid into my account but you fail to mention that you WILL be impacted by the basic limit set when you get a Revolut account! My Annual Limit is £4000! now my 2nd salary is stuck in limbo while I have to wait for 96 hours (4 days) for my limit to be raised?! I have rent and bills to pay and I cannot access my money. I cannot speak to anyone so I have to resort to posting on here hoping someone will take notice! You need to make it very clear what needs to be done in order to receive regular salary payments, especially for those working abroad. For anyone wanting to use this service for regular payments, CHECK YOUR LIMITS first! I now have to go and call my landlady, cerdit card company, utilities, ISP to explain why I cannot pay them on time! Cheers Revolut!!

To be clear this is not a complaint, it is a warning to prospective users who want to get their salary paid to Revolut. You need to check and adjust your limits as the defaults are pretty low and you will get caught short if you use up your limit before you get paid!


You should raise your limit before hitting it. :r: needs to know customers and prevent money loundering.
They fall under strict regulations .
Understand your frustration,but not :r: fault :slight_smile:


You should have increased your limit proactively, that as simple as that.

Limits are clearly indicated !

I did it and no issue so far !


Just like @mirron, I would say that if you had a quick look at the app you would have seen the limits. More than that, you agreed to the T&Cs, in which the limit are explained :wink:

I feel bad for you, it’s a bad situation to be in, but :r: is simply following regulations, they are NOT a bank (yet) and some things are simply not up to them.

I receive my salary every month, I raised my limits pro-actively as many other people did, without issue.

I hope this gets sorted quickly, so you can use/receive your money :pray:


I am hoping that Revolut is getting this banking license quickly and that this horrible limit stuff is a thing of the past. Such an annoying hurdle which Revolut support staff is defending as if it is totally normal in the financial world - guys it is not!!! Get this out of our ways asap, then Revolut is a great tool.


Here is the link regarding salary payments:

Are you seriously trying to tell me that is enough information!!!

They may not be a bank yet but they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


@tonyxcharles Young are wrong : We are not paid by Revolut

The top-up limit is clearly indicated in the App, in your Profile then Top-Up limit section : it can’t be more clear :slight_smile:

You made a mistake, it happens, next time just be proactive and stop saying its others fault.

I also want to add that you CAN use Revolut for your salary and as your daily bank : I am doing it and no issue so far.


Just to help a little bit: don’t worry too much about your ISP/phone company, they take ages before starting to complain about a late payment. Without giving too much boring details, I once didn’t pay for 8 months before they started complaining :sweat_smile:


You just dont know when to shut up do you.

If you cannot be bothered to check out how the system operates then you shouldnt really be surprised when it bites you in the ar$e should you.


I’m amazed we aren’t visited by trolls like this one more often actually.



There are so much wrong behaviors and words in your initial topic and replies I don’t know where to begin…

You are clearly a rude human being, try to be more cool and nicer, I am sure your life will be easier.


What is frustrating about this is that amid the rude ranting from the OP is hiding a valid point - for new users, some of the features of Revolut are difficult to understand. They could improve the documentation for use cases and scenarios that they use as selling points. In this case, it would be a good idea to add to the information about how to receive your salary a note that you need to make sure your annual top-up limit is adequate, and links to where to check that and how to increase it.


I’ve commented about the importance of been proactive :wink: about lifting the top-up limit a few times

but I totally agree it should be given a prime location on the app instead of hidden in your paid plan details, and most probably the app itself should be active at reminding you about your state before it’s too late.

@AndreasK? I know this would produce even extra load on your team but you know what happens when people gets caught by surprise on money matters


Thank you sir!

As mentioned before, Revolut is a great idea, I have spread the word to a lot of my network. It is just disappointing when you need help and some troll tells you that everything is Ok when it is clearly not.

I hope they take heed and increase transparency going forward.


@tonyxcharles we all came here because of problems and questions we had with Revolut’s system, but you arrived shouting and insulting those trying to help you.


It’s perfectly clear from within the Profile section of the app that there is an annual top up limit and it’s value is clearly stated.

The help section clearly states the procedure for increasing the limit…

It’s not really that difficult is it?


tell me now that there is also a 24h topup limit,
and also that it is specified,

because I cannot find it anywhere :frowning:


@CHA thanks fro your comment,I understand there are KYC and AML checks that they are bound by but they need to make it clear what the limits are and how you can get them raised, the supporting documentation etc

Revolut is a great tool, lets hope they iron out all the glitches in the near future.


what people usually forgets is the free FX limit


Tell me something, in terms of where that information was situated, do you think that was the best location?

Don’t you think it would have been a good idea to stick that information the page concerning getting your salary paid into Revolut: