Salary sent to Revolut Account

Hello team,

What’s the process if I wish to have my salary sent to my revolut account ?
Knowing that it’s more than the 25K that you seem to have as a limit per year.

Which info should I give to my employer and what do you need to do in the backend to increase that 25K limit ?

If then I want to transfer money from this account from GBP to Euro on a Monthly basis is it possible to schedule it automatically ?

Same if I want my rent to be paid directly from my account what’s the process ?

many thanks and sorry if this was already asked somewhere !

For the account information, you need to provide your employer with the bank data from the local page of your GBP account. Make sure it is “local” and not any other currency.

As for the limit, you will need to provide Revolut with applicable information - in this case most likely payslips.

Thanks Alessandro!
since I haven’t started I won’t have any payslip yet…

Do you have any previous ones? Though you could also wait for three months and then ask for an increase - as long as you are not too close to the limit it should be fine. But try to get an official response from their support team. Just expect some waiting times (Revolut is not very fast in the regard)

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AHAH THANKS Alessandro !
no it’s a brand new company for me so I have no history with them
and before that I was in France so I don’t have anything except my contract where the salary is stated, so maybe that will do :slight_smile: I’m gonna contact them to check !
thanks a lot !!

Are you verified? Is your annual limit higher than 3 month salary? If yes- just wait this three months. You can increase your limit later :wink:

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Thanks Redi ! no I am not verified I just opened the account ahah
No def not I won’t hit the 25K in three months unfortunatly lol
that’s true I didn’t see it that way ! I’m gonna do this then :slight_smile:thanks a lot

You’re welcome. Have a nice adventure with revolut :wink: