Salary on Revolut UK current account


I’m thinking about receiving my salary directly on my revolut gbp account. I was wondering if there was any limit on the amount I can receive this way? Is the £25,000/year top up limit applying in this case?

Thank you!

Yes, the annual top up limit is the total amount you can add into the account. If you need to increase this, please reach out to us and provide us with source of funds documents!

I see, thanks @larysa.stachowicz.
Then can you indicate me what kind of documents you need for a salary (payslip I would guess), and how I can send it to you?


I would like to receive my salary directly on my revolut gbp account.

For that purpose, I would need the following information.
Bank or Building Society Name:
Branch Name:
Branch Sorting Code:
Bank Account Number:
Building Society Roll Account Number:

I have found the Branch Sorting Code and the Bank Account Code in my Revolut app.
Where can I obtain all the other details?

Thank you,