Salary into euro account

Hello. I have given my employer my IBAN and BIC from my euro account to pay my salary, which is in euros. But its been nearly a week now and i still have not received anything. Can i get paid into this account or not?

Which account’s details you gave your employer?
I mean- individual (local) or pooled?
In case of pooled your employer needs to provide your reference number. Did he provide this?

I gave them just my IBAN and BIC from the Local of my Euro account? I read somewhere you cant get paid into this you can only transfer into this account yourself? Is this true, or should my employer be able to send me euros into this account?

The account details as shown under local allow third party transfers. Your employer should be able to pay your salary to this account,

Thank you. I don’t know why there is a problem. I just wanted to be sure I gave them the correct details.

Ask employer if the money bounced back.
Ask him for a bank statement.