Salary in UK with French address


I recently moved to the UK from France.

I can’t update my French address to one in the UK but I seem to have a UK current account anyway.

I gave my account number and sort code to my new employer who should pay me with a BACS transfer at the end of the month.

I have two questions:
Is the fact that my address is in France can somewhat cause a problem for the payment?
How much time does it take to receive the money after my employer makes the payment?


And can anyone who tried to receive his salary into his Revolut UK current account can share his experience with me?

Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

We can update the address for you, by providing a proof of address via in-app chat.

The home address has nothing to do with transfers :slight_smile: So no :slight_smile:

BACS transfers takes up to 4 days.


Andreas K.