Salary in my Revolut


Hello everyone, I am new to Revolut and I have many doubts. I received the physical card and I already made top up with a card from Spain.
Now I’m going to work in London and I wanted to know if the company can make transfers to my Revolut account. I have seen that in Top up - bank transfer, I can choose my currencies and in GBP appears ‘local’ and ‘IBAN’. If I give this information to the company, can they pay me without problems? Or is something going to be discounted?

If I make a transfer in London and another in Spain, how do I know what money I am using in Revolut?

I’m sorry if I did not explain myself too well and thank you very much for reading me


The FAQs might answer your questions. In addition: incoming transfers are usually not converted. If one transfers GBP to your account, they appear as GBP there. If you transfer EUR from a Spain account, it appears in EUR there.



It depends on if you’re getting paid in GBP or EUR.

If you’re getting paid in GBP then you can only receive third party payments to your LOCAL account.

If it’s in EUR, then simply get paid to your personalised Revolut EUR IBAN.


Thanks for your answer clickyclick. Yes, They are going to pay me in GBP. I wanted to know if Revolut works as a normal bank account and what the company pays me will appear without problems in my balance, giving them LOCAL or IBAN. If this works, I would not have to open an account at any bank to be able to collect my salary, right??



If company in UK can make transfer for local account, it should work correctly.
You will see incomming transer in GBP on your GBP account on the mobile app.

receiving GBP salary

Okey!! perfect, so I will ask them. Thanks Kylo32!

About my other answer, maybe I haven’t explained myself, sorry.
I want to make top up of a credit card of my account in Spain and also receive my salary in London (GBP). So, If I understood correctly, I will have in my Revolut account a part in GBP and other in EUR. How do I know “what part” I’m spending when using my Revolut card? :joy:



Spending normally works for the currency you’re spending in.

e.g. If you have €100 in your EUR account, and you buy something in EUR, the amount would be withdrawn from that currency account.

If you have no EUR, and your base currency is £, then your £ is converted at the interbank rate to € and used for that transaction.


Great, all cleared. Thank you very much for the reply capital!


You can only use your Local banking info for GBP, not the IBAN to receive your salary.

The IBAN is just for transfers from yourself, not third parties like your company.