safe to use as unique account?


I am a happy user of revolut and I’m considering use it for my business, replacing my current account, as a personal user I had only a couple of issues using my card in more than two years so I am really happy with it

Does anyone use it as a unique account for a british company? could i set direct debit, pay my VAT, taxes… same as I do today?
Also what is the difference between freelancer and Company plans?


Direct debit is not supported yet.

Hi @norrebronx

Thanks for your message.
As @Frank correctly mentioned - direct debits are not supported just yet.

The freelancer plan is created for freelancers only. You won’t be able to open a freelancer account for a company, however, you will be able to set up a separate account for your business activity as a freelancer if you wish. If you want to register a company please select a pricing plan offered for companies. I hope this will help.


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Hi @Oleksii
I understood this basic informations about what is different business and freelancer plan.
Can you tell me what’s the difference in the services you provide? Between FREELANCER and START?
Bcos it looks they are the same services.
Can I receive payments from Paypal, Stripe, Amazon, etc. to Freelancer acc?

Thank you