Russian exchange rate

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I am going through the foreign exchane rate help page ( and i am wondering if the 1.5% markup for RUB during weekends is added to the 1.5% due to the RUB being illiquid or is the 1.5% set for RUB throughout the week?

Generally, do you believe Revolut is worth using in Russia (St. Petersburg to be more precise) or should i stick to my debit card?

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Hey there @ilias252 :slight_smile:

It’s an added 1.5% as far as I know, making it a total 3%.

I don’t know about your debit cards. I checked once in January 2017, comparing :r: with 3 spanish banks and one polish bank. Only one spanish bank could compare to the weekend :r: rate, the rest were just way worse.

But, of course, there might also be debit cards offering better conditions than :r:! It’s up to you to check by yourself :smile: