rules for recurring payments


This is similar to " [Custom rules for automated/recurring payments]" However, there are new reasons to re-consider, hence my re-post.
Recently (!st August 2018) Airbnb has removed the co-host feature, where a host could split payments either by percentage or by a fix amount per stay. This was very appreciated by the airbnb community as it removed tha hassel of having to pay a cleaner or a co-host multiple times per month.

To be able to make revolut help all airbnb hosts with this feature, all that is needed, is a rule that says: “If payment received from [Airbnb or any other service] then send [fixed amount] / [percentage] to [person]”

whith such a simple rule (that aims in no way to be generic with rules of size or etc like suggested in the original post) and a little marketing on the disgruntled users on the airbnb forums, you could generate some free marketing by a very vocal community (airbnb) and get new customers.