Rounding up Spare Change clutters the feed


Each time I make a transaction, the transaction gets rounded up and the spare change gets added to my vault. This is fantastic, but less fantastic is the clutter it makes afterwards when you make more than a few transactions each day.

What I suggest you (Revolut) does to clean up, is to take the Monzo approach. Instead of creating a single transaction line for each addition to the vault, show a vault icon next to the transaction stating that it has been rounded up and added to the vault. Then, when clicking in to the transaction you can see exactly how much was added to what vault. You can also add the option to see how much cashback the transaction gave, for those who have Revolut Metall.

This is how Monzo solved the issue


+1 for this
It really is annoying.


Again, I would really like to see this feature. Or at least the option to disable showing it in the feed at all (Like with Metall Cashback). It really clutters up the feed.

I know you can hide each transaction manually, but if you ever have to log out they all reappear the next time you log in.


Yes, a single tranasction for each round up saving is way too much as there already is that huge unnecessary graph in the Accounts tab.

I have seen a similar suggestion where the saving amount was displayed like in the exchange transactions as a greyed out number under the total of each transaction. I can’t find it anymore sadly.


And obviously it is still not possible to choose only a single currency (main) for spare change. Useless!


I completely agree with you, Bendik. In a different thread, I posted a proposed method of implementing this in the user interface of the :r: app:

I hadn’t considered Metal cashback in addition to Vault savings, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to include this, without cluttering up the feed.


This is what I was referring to. Neat without wasting extra space.



What do you mean? I can choose what currency I want the spare change to be in


My problem: I change EUR to NOK and later make payment in NOK… the spare change is multiplied, converted to EUR and saved in my vault. But only the spare change of EUR payments should be rounded and stored in my vault.


So in other words you’d like currency specific spare change vaults? I’m sure Revolut could do this, but it seems as if @AndreasK hasn’t been very active on the forums recently, or at least he hasn’t responded to any of my pings. Let’s hope someone higher up thinks of this and has it put on the roadmap :wink:

It’s a real shame considering I’d like the community aspect to come back more.


Apologies for my absence. This idea has been already forwarded to the relevant team. :slight_smile:


It’s no worries @AndreasK, it’s nice to see you back in action again.

Some other fintech forums are speculating that Revolut is gearing down for a forum shutdown, with the recent introduction of having to wait before you can post without moderator approval, like that happened with another fintech that I’ll not name.

Would you be able to confirm that this isn’t happening? I quite enjoy the forums here and I’d hate to see them go. I think it truly allows us to give proper feedback, although I understand there are always a few people that give much trouble.