Round up your spare change and save with Vaults 💸


Yes, I saw that, and that seems to match what I said above. I don’t see what it gets me, so I suspect I am missing something. There is still the same amount of money in my Revolut account!
I don’t get why Revolut have used development resource and UI real estate to push this at us. A Web portal would be more useful.


Hey, BendikHa

Yeah it works. The rules are kind of fiddly and i know they are testing some stuff.

What problems are you having ?


See a Vault as a Savings account. You still have the money but they are set aside for saving reasons. The spare change savings is best described by this saying “Many a little makes a mickle”


My issue is that it dosen’t round up each transaction, but instead saves 1 NOK for each transaction regardless of wether the amount is 46 NOK, 4 NOK or 50 NOK.


It works fine for me with NOK. I spent NOK 37 and NOK 3 was sent to the vault. When I spent NOK 21 it rounded up to NOK 30 and NOK 9 was sent to the vault. I am okay with this.


That’s good for you. However, I find it weird that it worked for you and not me.


They might have changed this in the meantime. The blog article was updated. Are you using the latest version of the app?


Mine works as @tharv described. But i think it is a bit steep. Saving 10dkk because i spend 20dkk i 50% in saving and not “spare change” anymore.

If you spend 1.00NOK it would round to 2.00 because it needs 100øre to round to next whole number. This i am okay with.


Is there an issue with this function right now? My card transactions are going through ok but the rounding of the change is being reverted straight afterwards