Round up your spare change and save with Vaults 💸


Is it possible to make the vault automatically invest in crypto like it was originally said it would be possible?


Unfortunately the feature seems to be broken in Norway with NOK (Norwegian kroner). What it does is not to round up, but add 1 NOK to the vault per transaction. When I paid 29 NOK it rounded up to 30, when I paid 24 it rounded up to 25 and when I paid 46 it rounded up to 46.


We’re working on fixing this :slight_smile:


In currencies that have a much lower value than EUR saving in Vaults will not accumulate any substantial amount, e.g. in my last 6 transactions in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) I saved a total of 1.95 HKD in Vaults which is around 0.20 EUR (20 cents in other words). If I would have spent these trasactions in EUR I would have 1.95 EUR in Vaults by now.
This will be the same for currencies like JPY, THB, INR, …

Could you find a fix for this that enables people to choose how the rounding is done. For HKD I suggest to round up to any full 10 HKD.


Thanks for developing Vaults. Works great! Using EUR Account and Vault goal is in HUF currency.


Loving the feature so far. The only thing I hate is that my Revolut feed gets VERY polluted with the Vault transfers. A future improvement could be joining these with the transactions themselves (in the case of the rounding transfers).


Nice idea. Can it be changed to round to 99p maximum? I spent £30 on something yesterday and it threw £1 into the vault. This isn’t rounding… :thinking:

New Vaults round up extra $/€/GBP when spending with no cents/pence

Yes i agree ,i transfer today € 30 and €1 was goint to vault.Its not a round up


It depends on how much money I save by buying and I get to the vaults. I see for sure that I get more money for vaults for smaller amounts. is there any system in this regard? thanks for the reply. Marko



+1 It’s a handy feature but financial realities would make it unwise to use this as a savings device for substantial amounts of money unless it comes with a competitive interest rate.



Can you help me please AndreasK?


Do people use Revolut as their main account and card?

Revolut is great for travelling and saving on forex and transaction fees but without deposit insurance, Vaults isn’t really relevant for me, whereas it makes much more sense on monzo which I use as a current account here in the UK.


Revolut is for every day :slight_smile: It’s more than a travel card!


I don’t understand this. In what way does it save me anything?
Regardless of whether I use a Vault ledger for the rounded up amount, the money is still in my Revolut account, right?

Suppose I have £30 in my account, and I buy something for £27.60. With a vault ledger, I’ll have 40p in the vault and £2 available to my card, = £2.40 in my Revolut account. Without a vault ledger, I’ll have £2.40 available to my card.
What’s the advantage of the vault ledger?


From the blog article:

The money you save in your Vault is kept separate from your main account and will not be used when you spend with your Revolut card. You can withdraw money from your Vault back into your main account instantly and at any time.


@AndreasK: I don’t think anyone that optimizes their finances uses Revolut for everyday use. Myself and all the people that I know use a local Credit Card to get cashback in country and outside of country they use Revolut.


I use it as my primary card.


Have you gotten Vaults to work? As far as I understand, you live in Denmark and might be having the same issues as me in Norway where spare change dosen’t work properly.