Round up your spare change and save with Vaults 💸


To be honest, this is a feature traditional banks also had. I know at least two banks that had this same savings feature for card payments since 2010.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the feature and I am happy that it is there. Nothing wrong with integrating features someone else already has, of course.

I am not disappointed, but the feature could be improved if they would pay interest on the savings. Maybe after they obtained a banking license.


Yeah, I was just wondering! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know any Portuguese bank with this feature that’s why I was really happy about it.

I wish they can let us round up to .50 though, making a purchase of 5.05 and having it round up to 6.00 is way too much.


I think the steps should be fully configurable. For some currencies, like JPY, 1 also does not make sense since it’s just too small. You would want 1000 or 500 for JPY.


I really like that new feature! For all those who don’t, you can simply not use it :slight_smile:

There is a small UI issue though:

On one screen the spare change savings is per month, on the other one it’s per week :thinking:
Poke @AndreasK


CGD actually offers it, but I’m not sure if they do for every account or how to activate it, but if you can have it on your account then it’s fully customisable, meaning you can round up to the nearest .5€, 1€, 5€, etc.


Pretty sure they will add this option at one point :+1:

Imagine rounding up to the next 5 Euros for every purchase though :sweat_smile:


We’re working on a fix as we speak! Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


Still not available here, how long does this roll out take?


on which Revolut’s app’s revision are you now?


I’m on 4.16.0, updated on April 4. There is no recent update here (running android 8.1)


hmmm, I thought that you have some obsolete revision of the app.
I was wrong, so… you probably you have to just relax and wait…


Vaults do make me question something…
Is the amount in the vaults counted in your total balance, or not?
Fi, if you want to fill up your car, you need a balance of €150 or the transaction will be refused. Let’s say there is a balance of € 70, and € 100 in a vault, will it be possible to make this type of payment. I believe only your actual balance will be regarded in this example…


No retail bank (that intends to stay in business) pays meaningful interest.

If you want short-term return, you invest in a money-market fund, while if you want capital growth, you invest it in the capital markets (Equities, mutual funds, …).


Another question, for the lower-tier income poor-ass students here.
IMAGINE (definitely not the case here :thinking:) that I have €0.50 in my account and I want to buy a €0.49 coffee. :r: tries to round it up to €1. Does the transaction go through and the vault saving fail or does it fail altogether?


My guess is that the transaction goes through, and there is no Vault deposit.

I had a similar situation on EUR (while my main currency is CHF) - I had enough money in EUR for the transaction to go through, but not enough to transfer to the Vault. And there was not Vault transfer in this case.


I didn’t know about that, thanks for the info! I might give them a call and ask about that feature!


Is there a way to disable the feature, in terms of putting the spare change to the Vault?


Yes this Vault thing is purely optional, and not enabled by default.
You basically create a Vault, and you can:

  • Deposit money inside whenever you want
  • Setup a regular deposit (monthly/weekly) of any amount
  • Enable the rounding up feature (/spare change) for your payments


I might use this if there was an incentive like interest. I’m not going to set up a recurring payment of money into a vault with Revolut when I can do a similar thing with my bank and earn interest on it.


Once you’ve set it up, just go to Vaults, select the one you want to adjust, tap + and toggle the change-saving feature off.