Romanian debit card limit for transactions

I am trying to pop up more money from my debit card managed by ING bank (from Romania), but seems that I have a daily limit (already reached) imposed by ING for card transactions made without entering PIN. Revolut does not ask for entering PIN while paying by debit.
Does anyone know how to solve this ?
Thank you!

There is also a Revolut daily limit for card top ups. Are you sure its not this?

Revolut top ups are online payments. Online payments are never PIN transactions.

Or do you mean 3DS when mentioning a PIN?

Yes, I am sure. I already checked with an ING officer. I also can see this limit in my ING Home bank application. Seems that according to romanian laws this limit cannot be increased for transactions without PIN.

If this is about 3DS for online payments, it needs to be activated by your bank. If a card is equipped with 3DS (a sort of PIN for online transactions), the app should open a form for it instead of asking for the cvv code.

Are the revolut transactions 3DS ? because in my ING reports the payment looks similar to the contacless ones.
But I have to also enter CVV code before continuing the Revolut transaction.

After entering the cvv code I get this message:
“Oops, you have reached the daily topup limit of 1000RON. Please try a different card, a bank transfer, or try again tomorrow”
This limit is equal to the one set by my bank for daily amount of contactless transactions.

Okay then.

This limit is a Revolut limit. It’s for newly added cards, it will increase over time, it can’t be raised manually. More about it in the Help Center :wink:

(Online payments are not contactless payments. Contactless payments are payments in stores where you just hold your card close to a reader but don’t insert it. It’s just a coincidence that both limits happen to be the same.)

Okay! Thanks for clarification! I’ll wait for increasing the limit, just did not expect to have a such limit per card.

My card is already verified by Revolut. When will the daily topup limit be raised and based on what rules ? Is it something up to Revolut or to my card/bank ?
Is the topup limit reset after 0:00 am or after 24h from latest topup ?
I started to use Revolut for good exchange rates, but if I needed to exchange more money, then it would not be worth it.

You might want to check help center. It’s explained there.

The daily card top-up limits are system generated but they will increase over time. Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot provide the specific details around how your top-up limits are calculated.

Alternatively you can also try to top-up by bank transfer.