Romania - Credit Card RON top-up Revolut RON account fees

Hello guys. Huge fan. using your app a lot. I am a premium member.
I have EUR, USD, GBP and RON accounts on Revolut.

I want to move money from my RON C.E.C. credit card to my Revolut account. How do I do this without losing massive amounts of money?

Should I top-up using this credit card to Revolut, go to RON accounts and top-up there? Or should I go to EUR accounts and top-up there?

In the end I need EUR in Revolut. But I don’t want to get screwed by my bank when I do this.

So what I would like to know is how does Revolut top-up work.
Does it go RON-EUR-RON and then I’ll have to exchange it to EUR inside the app? Or does it go RON to Revolut RON and that’s it?


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It is always suggested to topup in your base currency (in your case topup from your credit card in RON your RON wallet in revolut)


you shouldn’t use a credit card when topping up since there’s a 1% fee, unless they changed that recently which i doubt it
i use my debit card to top up in ron and its instant and without a fee then i can change it in whatever i require

If you’re EEA citizen- revolut doesn’t charge you any fee if you’re topping up using credit card. It has changed in February- when PSD2 was implemented.

This has been recently changed. You can top up your account with a credit card at not cost.

@Nicknameul Did you managed to top-up your account using the CEC Credit Card without getting charged by CEC Bank? Thanks