Rolling Month, when ends?


If I am registered on the 28th of February. When the next rolling month ends? Do you understand?
28th march, 29 March? 30 March, 31march? Included or excluded? At midnight or at the day of registration? When the free withdraw resets?
If I am registered on 31th May when is the end of rolling month? Not all months have 31 days.


Hi Lele,

My opinion is that the definition of rolling month here is 30 days,but then again that’s my own opinion :slight_smile:


Rolling month is super confusing term. I would like Revolut to stick to “classic” month term.


If you first opened your account on, say, 12th of a particular month then the monthly period resets on the 12th of each following month.


Hey, maybe you din’t read the question. The problem is when you are registered on 28th/30th/31th not all months have 31 days. Also I asked for precising timing.
For example, If you registered on 31th of May at 15:00, when your rolling month will reset? the 30th June ? 29th June? 1st July? and when? at 00:00 ? inclusive or exclusive? or at 15:00 ?


If you REALLY need to know to the precise minute go to

Price plan

And see when the allowance resets.


No such info there man:


If you look at your screenshot you will see it says you have used 0 of 6000 eu FX transactions and 0 of 200 eu ATM withdrawals. This will change as you use up each of these allowances.

When this again resets to zero it starts all over again.


I can confirm that I found out my “rolling month” reset day using method TonyP described. :star2: It did reset at 00:00 (my local time).


Here here ! Definitely this would be easier for everyone if it started 01st month, finished on the last day of the month.

I think it is however a perfect tool for Revolut to catch people out and make a little more money. For that I can’t blame them. They are a business after all.


It needn’t catch you out - just look at the screen as outlined above!


Which is then another thing in life to think about and complicate the daily routine. Really we should all have better things to do than be stuck in our smartphones checking dates and allowances remaining.

01st month start would make thinking easier and free time for appreciation of the finer things in life.


And checking the operation of your account would give you more cash to AFFORD the finer things in life :sunglasses:


As of today, Revolut is no longer showing on what particular calendar date / UTC time the no commission Withdrawal limit will reset to 200. You only see how much you can still withdraw for no commission. But you do NOT know when it will reset. I think Revolut investors need to see some money anytime soon. We must not underestimate the fact that Revolut operates in a FIAT world and bears assosiated costs like other players do, too. Being cheape @REVOLUT, is mainly Investor fueled, not just Tech driven.


hmm, for me it was always like that (on Android) - only shows how much was withdrawn, not when it will reset. :roll_eyes:

Dunno about iOS.


Exactly my point.

Learned the hard way, got charged because I was misled. There is a big problem within the app and Revolut system where they use confusing words and hide such a vital information as your reset day. And the UI is bad, the should show the remaining about with a red filling bar to alert the user.

I thought I was on a calendar reset, withdrawed obviously more than authorised for the standard formula. And you know what? My reset day is tomorrow! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Of course, Revolut doesn’t even help, they forward to T&C section and refuse a possible chargeback. It’s like they are fooling the customer as nothing is clearly indicated.

Now the app says that I have a 2% fee until the “end of the month”. Which happens the 21st… stupid logic, LAME.