Roadmap of upcoming features

they said sprint :smiley: but sprint is almost done lol to be fair they didn’t what year, so I think we are fine lol


Revolut’s press release from 25 January 2023 says Ultra “is coming in spring 2023”.


@Remi-1 @froggy @_bruno We always appreciate our users feedback and suggestions, and it seems like the idea has struck a colorful chord with you. :art: Rest assured, we’ll do our best to keep innovating and adding new features to make your Revolut experience even more vibrant. :hugs:

@Frank Thank you for sharing this with us. :rocket:

Veda | Community Team



I am very unsatisfied with the Revolut App.
Indeeed, since the last version (9.7.1) on Android, is not possible anymore to do screenshots on the app.


Normally you allow the customer to have the choice to allow or not screenshots!
Give us back screenshots!

Could you contact your developer team and ask them to give us back the ability to do screenshots on the Revolut app?

Or ask them to add an option to enable/disable screenshots on the settings of the Revolut app?

I want to do screenshots on my Revolut app.

I look forward to hearing from you,



I am Android 11, also not able to make any printscreens whatsoever :sob:

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Any news regarding Ultra? :star_struck:


For a brief period, a different teaser video was linked from within the app where Ultra is advertised. It revealed more details about the design of the card. It’s back to the old video now for me.


Yeah saw that. But I really thought we might have it by now as spring is almost over. :weary:


What price do you guys expect for Ultra?

Dragon pass Prestige is currently 399 USD/year. Amex Platinum is 695 USD/year. Citibank Prestige Card is 540 SGD/year.

I don’t want to compare those different cards. This is just to pin down some coordinates for offerings with free lounge access, ignoring everything else in the package.

With that in mind, where do you think Revolut will land with its price for Ultra, and on what data do you base your estimate?


I am expecting 150-160 GBP/year. Based on what features are rumoured to include. Going above 200 is not realistic, unless they unlock a higher cashback rate

This is the price range for the Metal when paid monthly.