Roadmap for IMPORTANT items for CORE Revolut business


As much as I’m happy seeing stuff like a smartphone insurance, premium cards- if you get to see them, no pun intended- I’m still much more interested on the core business and a way forward.

There seems to be a lot of outstanding imperfections related to this:

  • Card processor and THE card- when can we expect Revolut to switch to a different processor and so start issuing real MC Debilt cards, as opposed to what we have today?
    The crucial functionality for me is to have a card that’d to everything my normal MC Debit can do. Is that possible today? Probably not… Taking all the self-service machines, highway tollbooths etc. Does it work today?

  • Support throughput and response times- we all know what this is about. We’re talking… money. Wait times we can observe right now are just plain unacceptable.

  • Planning on any improvement on the ATM limit?
    Change it to… well, annual limit or just quantity limit, like 1 withdrawal per month free of charge, no matter how much you withdraw?
    This is a real showstopper to me- we can actually find better offers in that regard for now.

A fan :slight_smile: