Rita is a disaster


Currently in Japan with a yen payment declined twice so had to use Barclaycard but now also have charge from Revolut. Inane nonsense from Rita in response to my request to reverse the charge and the arrogance of not having 24/7 intelligent customer service available for all customers Is totally unacceptable. On a Sunday I would not be able to post a comment on the app until 8pm, not that I’m going to bother since I’ll just get another idiotic reply.
Where is the escalation facility on the app?
I was initially very impressed by Revolut but clearly the drive for growth is being done at the expense of adequate customer support.
Unless this overall issue is addressed Revolut is a disaster waiting to happen.
Any saving I made in Japan with the rates is currently wiped out by the double charge.


Hello @Johnw :slight_smile:

Did this happen yesterday?
There was a major technical issue that resulted in cards and app not working :persevere:

Anyway, that incorrect charge should be reimbursed to your account automatically. If it isn’t, get in touch with the support team (I agree not having a 24/7 one is unacceptable, and they might have a backlog now) or reach :r: on Twitter:
:bird: https://twitter.com/Revolutapp


I’m aware of the technical problems you had which may have caused my problem although you had informed us payments were not affected. My issue is with the support team. Your response is now different to theirs which reinforces my point.
Having to resort to a public forum to get any sensible resolution is certainly not in Revolut’s interest.
I have the two slips evidencing that your systems declined the payment but I have a charge. I have no confidence that some kind of automatic process kicks in so I would like you to verify what I say and reverse the charge as requested. Please read the exchanges in the app so you can see for yourself the nonsense you put out.


Hey there @Johnw :slight_smile:

Technical problems Revolut had. I’m not linked to them in any way :wink:

No wonder, it’s everyone’s problem unfortunately :frowning:

You can check the forums to see that everyone either received it or never came again to answer. However, you’re entitled to asking for a verification, clarification and further explanation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is what common sense would dictate. However, this is not the first time the forum is the source of reasonable solutions.

Let me emphasize this: my answer is my personal opinion and no more than that. What did the support team say? :thinking:


Please see the post below.


@JulioPP its quite clear that a number of people are mistaking you for a :r: employee as you are systematically working through the forum trying to personally resolve every query.
If you are confusing people then are you really helping at all ?


Hey @Powie :slight_smile:

:r: employees are clearly identified throughout the forum.
I’ve been trying to lend a hand on the forums, as many of the questions asked here have been asked million times and they can be solved by literally anyone that saw the answer beforehand :wink:

Ok the other hand I, of course, wouldn’t be here if I ever thought I did more bad than good. I like to think I’m helping at least a certain amount of people (especially given the forums are not taken care of on weekends, usually…) :slight_smile:

However, it might be the case you’re right. If I’m ever told “hey, you, stop, you’re f*ng it up instead of helping”, I’ll leave off promptly :flight_departure:

Also, @Powie, I don’t think the OP believed I’m an employee because he saw me at other threads. At the time of writing this, this is, most probably, the only thread he’s visited in the forums, making it unlikely :wink:


Whilst I clearly appreciate any guidance it is indeed confusing if written in such a way as though coming from Revolut.
I am not really interested in the card if a forum becomes a substitute for inadequate and unprofessional customer service.
Charging for declined payments is evidence of a system failure and failing to deal with it promptly is a failure of customer service.


Hey @johnw :slight_smile:

I have purposefully used the word they or used a third person form in order to make it clear. However, sorry for any confusion.


I fully agree with the premise that RITA is a disaster.

We had big problems in Singapore due to Friday’s meltdown.

Trying to contact somebody today after arriving home in the UK is a nightmare.

We were big fans of Revolut and have used them for a couple of years.

If this is the level of service we can expect in the future then we will be looking elsewhere.


I shall have one more attempt to cut through the gibberish I received from the support team. What is difficult to understand about a charge being made despite the request for payment being declined?
In the absence of immediate restitution I shall raise it with the Financial Ombudsman on my return to the UK.
I note there is no complaint process on the app or the website ( unless very well hidden) which is telling in itself. This was what I meant when referring to escalation earlier.
What a great pity that such a good product has such abysmal customer service support.


Thank you for your feedback guys - we will review your chat history so we can improve our services.

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?

Massive apologies for any inconvenience caused.

@Johnw you can find our complaint process on our website: https://www.revolut.com/complaints-policy


Andreas K.


I had to delete your previous message as you were sharing personal information (phone numbers). Could you please send me a direct message so I can help?


Sorry, thought I was responding to your email address. I don’t seem to be able to send you a direct message. Can you please help sort that out. Thanks.


Yes - I’ll get in touch via DM. No worries :slight_smile: