Rita bot

The Rita customer support bot is a VERY BAD IDEA. Please get rid of it.

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Hi @altpath.

We have designed Rita in such a way that “she” shouldn’t be a barrier for you to reach a live agent. She is still learning so may not be perfect but for the small time we have tested our AI, Rita has managed to resolve about 20% of our chats - which is quite significant.

I can see from your experience that Rita didn’t understand your question - but she will now! I’m also happy to see that your issue was swiftly resolved.

As Rita can offer instant replies - even if the query isn’t solved by her - she is able to parse it and extract the information from the user so that when the chat does get escalated to a live agent, the live agent is able to understand the issue quickly by looking at the past few messages.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Tip: try “What is 100 GBP in USD?” (Something no live agent will be able to answer that quickly!) :slight_smile:

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Rita is an “it” not a "she’. It’s a bot. One of it’s iterations will take your kids’ jobs. Meanwhile we get to be processed. Confusing costcutting and efficiency with progress misses the big picture. :stuck_out_tongue::robot::robot::robot::robot::robot::robot::skull_and_crossbones:

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