Ripple XRP


Hi there,
When are you planning to add ripple?
In a month or in one year?

Just to have an idea.
Things are happening slowly here regarding XRP.


I guess you won’t get more then a “soon”
We’re still waiting for Apple Pay when they told us it’s gonna happen soon, like … last year


I am pretty sure it will come in April :slight_smile: (just my gut feeling)


It’s coming in April!:rocket:


Hello, is there any update on Ripple?


Yes. It is coming this month


Shame. This weekend should be the optimum moment. The big crypto party started yesterday and will be big.
I hope XRP will be ready very soon before the price goes too high.


I don’t want to be picky, but April is gone and I am still interested in getting Ripple.
I see no benefit of getting the primium revolut if I can not have more crypto options.


At last nights RevRally in London they said within 4 weeks for Ripple and BCash.