Ripple, XRP

Any updates on when we can expect to trade Ripple?

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We’re aiming for April :tada::muscle:


Wow! We have some kind of quite detailed answer! @AndreasK Can we get similarly detailed info about Google Pay? :yum:


Early, mid, or late April?
What other Cryptocurrencies are you currently considering?

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Don’t what to be mean, but you meant april 2018 or 2019?

We’re aiming to launch #XRP by the end of the month, but i’m sure you can appreciate that it’s a very complex project, so we don’t want to give an exact date and let people down. :frowning:

Thanks for the quick answer. I can hardly wait…

Today is the end of the month. So if today will not be listed, please next time don’t say “this month “ is better something like. “We just listed the xrp” not this month or by the end of x month. We don’t appreciate when someone he can’t keep the word. Thank you

You missed a key word:

It means they were hoping to get it out in April, but apparently there are some delays, so probably some time in May I guess.

In that sense, he was saying the truth, he (=they) didn’t commit to anything.

If they keep getting feedback like yours, in the future they will just say “first half of 2018” instead of trying to make people happy and give more precision. They might even stop talking publicly about upcoming feature and just roll them out when ready instead of being open to their community.