Rewriting Security Options


Blue is ON so you CAN make ATM withdrawals.



The switch / toggle directly refers to the blue bold text.

ATM withdrawals? ON or OFF?

They grey text is just additional information. If you ignore it and think about the two different states of the switch, it should be quite self explanatory. :wink:



I agree with other users that these setting are not well explained, but many thanks to those that have tried to make things clearer (especially Frank).

One of the things that makes things confusing is that one switch is more secure in the on position (the location based security), whilst the others are all more secure in the off position (swipe, contactless, ATM & Online)…if my understanding is correct?

I don’t know if somebody can confirm this?



I know, it does seem complicated, but just read the text separately from the toggle.

The toggle does always mean on or off.

If you now read the text describing the function, you can then answer the question “what does on or off mean” intuitively.

ATM withdrawals: on / off? – That’s easy, right?
Location based security: on / off? The feature is on when the toggle is on.



The options on the Starling app are very similar but much clearer - the wording in the description changes to confirm exactly what the selected switch position is set to do.

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