Rewriting Security Options

I find the descriptions in the security settings screen very confusing. Would it not be far better to simply state which position of the button will enable or disable Gps location checking, atm withdrawals, magstrip transactions etc etc.


I thought the on on the right and off on the left was quite simple?

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If one takes a second or two, one should be able to figure it out. It’s quite simple: if the switch is on and blue, the thing written in bold next to it is enabled, or on.

The irony: the texts were rewritten recently because people were confused about “enable” and “disable”.

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So let me get this straight - swiping left and disabling the option actually enables the ATM withdrawal option - and you think that’s intuitive?

Why not just say ‘ swipe left to enable atm withdrawals’ ??


By default it’s all “off” and everything works and then you swipe right to “enable” security options like disabling ATM withdrawals so I don’t really get the confusion?

Best explanation I’ve seen so far. You are correct - if only your statement was included anywhere in the app all would be clear. Unfortunately this is not the case.


It seems like we are talking about different versions of the app. Here is a screenshot of the latest iOS. It is the other way round there. All is “on” by default. In this example, swipe payments are blocked, or off, or disabled.

The old screen would write:
Disable contactless: on / off


If you are on Android and they haven’t changed it there yet, you might have something to look forward to.


Now I am totally confused - I am on the latest ios and the screenshot above it what I have in my security options.

If anything proves my original point is valid surely this is it!

I would be most grateful if you could please just confirm to me whether the buttons should be swiped left or swiped right to achieve the security settings I require which are as follows:-

Location based security - disabled
Swipe payments - disabled
Contactless payments - disabled
ATM withdrawals - enabled
Online transactions - enabled

Many thanks

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Also Frank - what you have said above directly contradicts what you said in the third post of this topic -

‘if the switch is on and blue, the thing written in bold next to it is enabled, or on.’

This is the opposite of what you said above in respect of the Swipe Payments option.

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Hey @Tony,

the irony here now is that the screen I was just posting is a new, rewritten screen, because people were confused about the fact that they had to “switch on” something to “disable” swipe, for example. That has changed now. Now it is indeed more intuitive, I would say. If you want something to work, switch it on! On means blue, not light grey, like it is an iOS UI standard in all apps and settings.

Location based security - disabled – off!
Swipe payments - disabled – off!
Contactless payments - disabled – off!
ATM withdrawals - enabled – on!
Online transactions - enabled – on!

They also explain in texts what “off” would do: If you do not use contactless payments, you can switch them off for extra security.

It is always a two sided thing: feature on, extra security off. That is just the nature of the design of a binary switch. And it works the other way round for location based security: there you have the extra security when the feature is on. Key is to understand that some features are designed to prevent transactions and some to enable a certain kind of transaction. I don’t see how this dilemma could be resolved.

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Thanks Frank - all clear now.
Still think the wording under each option unnecesarily confuses things.

FYI I made a call to support yesterday morning with exactly the same query and was given the opposite answer. I assume you have a transcript of the support chats but it is obvously a problem if your own support guys dont even understand how the settings work. Let me know if you need further info re the chat.

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I am certainly interested in other people’s chats but I am just a customer like you with no relation to Revolut :wink:

The interesting part here is that Revolut changed the wording here, at least partly due to customer complaints. I personally think the new design is pretty clear and the additional informations help since they give examples of when someone would want to trade functionality for extra security. It is explained from the perspective of how can I make my account more secure. Makes sense under “security settings” to me. It is like explaining it to a friend in one’s own words: When would I want to switch this off? When you don’t shop online, then switch it off so no one else can shop online.

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Sorry Frank I assumed you were a Revolut guy - must be the air of authority :sunglasses:
What you say makes sense - its just a little concerning that Revolut support give the opposite answer!

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Yeah, looks like some support agent didn’t read the latest memo about that update :wink:

It is a standardised UI element for iOS since the beginning of iOS.

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I don’t think the confusion is about the state of the switch. It is about understanding what yes and no actually does.

The switch enables functionality. For the payment options (contactless … ), this works like a light switch. But for location based security, enabling means switching on a feature that would actually prevent a payment when it kicks in.

Indeed, with the android app, this is still confusing as hell, at least with the french version.

So I get from what @Frank explains that under iOS, I need the switch to be off if I want to disable contactless (for instance). Is this the same under Android ?

The thing is, the previous screen (the one which displays the card) states the going to the security screen allows to “enable additional protection” (approximate translation form french). So I’m kind of expecting to have to switch things on in order to be protected, when I understand from this thread that I actually have to switch things off.

And switching the location-based security on makes you more secure, which makes it the other way around.

All in all, this is pretty weird and confusing.

Thanks a bunch.

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Well, they had it the other way round, and people found it confusing as well.

If you break it down, it is not that difficult at all. First: the standard iOS/android UI element is the toggle. It comes in two states, like a light switch: grey: off, colored: on.

That is the easy part.

The the interface now presents different things that can be switched off and on:

Online payments

They work like light switches: On means it’s working. And off means it doesn’t.

Location based security is tricky. If it’s working, it actually prevents a payment instead of enabling it. Like an alarm system in your house: you’re switching it on when you leave, and off when you’re at home. Just the other way round compared to your lights at home.

So, if ignoring the grey small texts on that screen, it should be simple and logical. These texts can add a little bit of confusion since they are phrased in a way that they are giving you ideas when you might want to switch something on or off here. It’s like “If you don’t want to withdraw money from an ATM, you can switch off this here”.

But, if one carefully understands already what on / off means to any feature here, it’s also not that confusing. It’s like “if you don’t want to cook something in the kitchen, you can switch off the lights there”. Since you know already what on / off means, this explanation makes sense as well.

(Having said this, I do not know how the French Android version of the app looks like.)

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Oh god haha. I’m surprised there aren’t more posts about this.
I think I understand now, but what adds to the confusion is that the option says “Enable additional protection” in the grey text. In the settings you actually disable the options for the security to kick it - if I understood it correctly.

After all, the grey text under the options add to the confusion. "Switch off the magnetic stripe for extra security" - ok I want to enable the “switching off” so am I going to enable this and swipe right? Apparently no, if I understood correctly. This could definitely be improved. For example rewriting the grey texts for the positive option - “Enable Swipe payments”.

Or the default options could simply be explained for instance “Swipe payments are not enabled right now” if the toggle is grey.


I too am confused by this, does the following mean:
a. I can make ATM withdrawals
b. I cannot make ATM withdrawals