Reward community members who help other customers

There’s an MVNO mobile phone network in the UK called “giffgaff”, which has almost no customer-facing staff. Customers manage their giffgaff accounts via giffgaff’s web site, and nearly all requests for support are directed to giffgaff’s public forums, where other giffgaff customers answer questions. Only account-specific questions are directed to giffgaff’s “agents”. Giffgaff gives “payback” to forum members who answer customers’ questions or who contribute in other ways such as suggesting new functionality. Payback is paid to members via PayPal or as airtime credit to spend on monthly bundles, or can be donated to charity. The monetary amounts are small in each instance, but can mount up to a significant sum for those who spend a lot of time in giffgaff’s forums. It saves giffgaff having to hire staff to answer general non-account-specific questions.

I suggest that Revolut do something similar and reward community members here. But rather than giving monetary credit, I believe free services would be more optimal, for example in ascending order of value:

  • Free disposable virtual cards
  • Increasing the monthly limit for fee-free FX
  • Free premium or metal membership on a monthly basis

For those who respond to questions by Revolut’s business customers, the rewards could apply to their business account.


What about giving the customer a set of choice?
If 1 want to have higher ATM withdrawals

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I agree it is a very great idea