#RevTips - How To Improve Your Financial Health 💵

Hello everyone :wave:,

How are you feeling today? Boring, exciting, lazy or maybe angry? :thinking:

Today, I’m gonna share some tips on a very important topic. Financial Health is as crucial as our Mental Health, so we need to take care of that as well.:stethoscope:

Now, you will ask me, how can I take care of my Financial Health?

Very easy! For that, first you need to check your financial health. How?

You can check your financial health and get tips on how to improve money management with this “60 second debt test” by StepChange. Do it now, it’s really useful.:slightly_smiling_face:

The next step is; reducing your spending and increasing your income. How? Check out this link for simple steps.

You can control your budget by using Revolut’s budgeting feature as well. You need to tell us how much you want to spend each month and we’ll work out a daily spending limit for you. If you’re wondering how this would work, check out this link.:money_mouth_face:

Are you facing financial difficulties and don’t know who can help? :frowning:

We have listed down some non-profit organisations and debt charities here who can offer you financial advice and guidance, if your account is registered in the UK.

Do you know any other non-profit organisations or debt charities other than the UK, who might help? Let us know in the comments.:arrow_double_down:

Take care of yourself and always remember we are a family!:people_hugging:

Veda | Community Team